Poker Pro Maria Ho’s Top 5 Strategy Tips for Poker Tournaments

Maria Ho has won millions of dollars playing poker tournaments and she’s got five must-learn strategy tips to help you crush poker tourneys.

Maria has made the top 100 of the WSOP Main Event twice and the tips Maria covers in this video will help you go deep in any big-field, low buy-in live poker tournament.

We suggest you put them to use at the 2015 Battle of Malta, which Maria Ho just happens to be hosting. These tournaments are quickly becoming the most popular kind of poker event.

Being able to make a huge score from a relatively small investment is really appealing to recreational players, which in turn has attracted more experienced players and pros who see an opportunity to compete against less skilled opponents.

#1 – Take advantage of other player’s mistakes.
#2 – Win lots of smaller, safer pots.
#3 – Call with pocket pairs and suited connectors in multi-way pots.
#4 – With 20 big blinds, 3-bet shove against loose openers.
#5 – Start building reads for final-table before you get there.

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