Commit Or Quit With Ace Queen?

Spots like these boil down to hand reading – it’s that simple. Use this workbook to practice building ranges between sessions:¬†…

This video breaks down a hand sent in by Adrian. Played at 2NL 6max Zoom on PokerStars, Adrian opens UTG, faces a 3bet + 1 caller, and decides to call as well. But after facing a flop CB and then a barrel on a board of QT8-4, Hero has to make some decisions about how far to take one pair.

SplitSuit shares what 1,300 other players would do in this spot and explains why one of the available options wasn’t all that good to begin with. Then, using Flopzilla to proof the basic equities, we see how adding more and more combos to villain’s range can quickly impact the EV of our line.

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