Advanced Poker Math: Check-Raise Shoving Vs. Calling

Some poker math is simple, but other times it can be downright scary. In this video, SplitSuit does some advanced math on a hand previously explored on this channel. In this hand, Alex decides to check-shove the turn with overs and a gutshot. But proofing the all-in is only half the battle since you still need to see how that compares to the EV of calling (and even folding).

SplitSuit created a brand-new spreadsheet just for this video, along with 4 different “runs” to explore. Each run looks at a different assumption set, ranging from wide bets & tight calls to regular checking & minimal fold equity. This video focuses on the first run (wide range & no fork), and the complete PRO video continues looking at all of them, comparing them side-by-side, and discussing which assumption set is likely right.

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