When Your Straight Gets Destroyed!

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Straight is a very good hand to make when you’re in the pot, but no one said it’s enough to win the pot.

In this poker video, watch some entertaining and interesting hands when the poker straight wasn’t enough to win.

Picture it to yourself. You’re in the hand, you make your straight, a great hand to have, but you have no idea that your opponent is now sitting with a better and higher hand, or that you’re about to lose to a higher hand, what can you do?

Some of the players and poker pros here felt that their straight got busted and in great pain and difficulty laid it down, made a great fold and lost less than what they could have lost. Others were surprised and sad to see that their straight was beaten, crushed, destroyed!

From Phil Hellmuth to Patrik Antonius and all the way to Hopkins and even an all in situation in a tournament for millions of dollars, here are some great poker hands where the straight got destroyed and left some serious pain.

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