Are Short Stacked Poker Games Worth Playing?

Are short stacked cash games even worth playing? Should you put in the time to study and play shallow poker? And if you are going to play these games, what should you be studying?

SplitSuit dives into this answer by dissecting some key points:

1. Are these games worth playing, and do you have other options available?
2. If you are going to play them, which street is the most important
3. Why SPR guides everything in these games
4. How suited connects, gappers, and set mines can make or break your winrate
5. Just because the average player uses a large open-raise sizes doesn’t automatically mean that you have to as well
6. There can be HUGE winrate potential in 3bets and squeezes

While this format isn’t our favorite (especially if the rake is gross), there are some serious edges to create for those willing to put in the right kind of study. So if you are going to play in these games, be sure to download SplitSuit’s spreadsheets today:


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