How to Discount Outs and Size Your Bets Optimally

Discounting outs post-flop is crucial to ensure that you are avoiding “reversed implied odds” (…) and huge losses when a card on the river completes the draw you were looking for but also makes your opponent’s even stronger hand. Get numerous Texas Holdem expected value (EV), equity and pot-odds calculators for tournament poker as well as key stats in the easy-to-use file used in this video above.

This video especially covers numerous so-called “way-ahead, way-behind” scenarios, the difference between a “big hand” and only a “strong hand” and how to “discount your outs” and respective estimated equity for flop semi-bluff pushes.

Always remember that “light preflop 3bets and 4bets” do exist (i.e., raising and reraising preflop with speculative hands such as small pairs, suited connectors and suited “baby Aces”). Flopped sets, 2-pair, straights & flushes do happen, and this as well as the previous videos should help you see the signs and protect your bankroll against flopped or turned monsters in the long-run! In many scenarios, instead of playing the hand “fast” and inflating the pot, playing your top pair or over-pair for “pot control” or as a “bluff catcher” is often a very good idea.


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