Shut up at the Poker Table

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One really common way beginners suck at poker is by inadvertently giving away information about their hands. This beginner poker strategy video will teach you why it’s important to keep your mouth shut while you’re in a big poker hand to make sure you don’t give away important info my mistake.

Strong live players are really good at making reads based on how you’re acting, and the most dangerous thing you can do is talk too much while you’re in a big hand.

As your poker game improves you’ll learn how to spot tells from your opponents but for now it’s more important not to give them away yourself. You need to learn how to act the exact same way whether you have a monster or a stone-cold bluff and the first step is to keep your mouth shut. Good players just want to get you talking so they can gauge your comfort level. If you’re relaxed and talkative it’s likely you have a strong hand. If you clam up all of a sudden after making a big bet chances are you’re bluffing.

The best way to protect yourself is by acting the exact same way in every situation. It’s really helpful to have a rehearsed routine you can follow to make sure you don’t give away any information by mistake.

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