How Often Will Both Players Hit Top Pair In Poker?

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How often will two players both flop top pair? What if one has AJ and the other AQ? This video answers that question while also explaining the REAL questions you should be asking yourself in spots like this…

SplitSuit pulls out Flop Falcon to show how to set up and answer the question “how often will we both flop TP?” This powerful piece of software shows that AJ vs. AQ will result in both players hitting an Ace on the flop about 9% of the time (and AJ has ~17% equity when that happens).

While this information is fun to have, the next-step is understanding how to turn that info into an actual line. This video scratches the surface of the better questions to ask, and wouldn’t you know it, Flop Falcon gives you info on many of those things as well (like how often both players miss the flop)


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