Poker Tips Reacting To Donk Bets And Min Raises

What is a donk bet?
A lead into the pre-flop raiser. Often it is a small bet, even a min-bet.

Don’t dread the donk.
A lot of players fear the donk bet. But I actually LOVE it when people lead into me.. it often gives me a lot more information than a check does and leads to a lot more profit.

-When a weak player with a high VPIP donk bets, they are usually trying to see the turn card for cheap. Seldom do they have a strong hand. However, it is also unlikely that they will fold to anything but a massive raise.

-When a regular aggressive player leads into you, he can just be mixing it up, and typically either has air or the nuts. Most of the time, strong, aggressive players will polarize their leading range.

-When a tight player leads into you, look out! This is almost always a nut hand “protecting” on a scary board. Unless you have a super strong hand or draw, it is time to fold.

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